Domino: Redundancy controller for ink-jet printers

Domino’s FailSafe is a redundancy controller that shares the printing workload between two Ax-Series ink-jet printers. Both printers are seamlessly integrated, controlled by a single HMI, and stacked to minimize floor-space usage. If one printer goes down, the other picks up 100% of the workload without missing a product.


Both printers are always running and alternating prints. In the rare case that one goes down, the other picks up 100% of the workload without missing a single product.

The Domino FailSafe provides a solution with the Ax-Series inkjet printers that strikes back at downtime. Despite innovative advances in technology—more reliable & smarter equipment, downtime can still happen. When it does happen, it can result in significant lost revenue, decreased margins, and extra labor requirements.

Commenting on the new FailSafe Inkjet solution, Eduard Mekler, Inkjet Product Marketing Manager said, “We are in production facilities every day and we hear the challenges our customers face with budget constraints and the need to achieve aggressive efficiency goals. Many customers in our industry already buy spare printing systems to mitigate their downtime. Domino offers a solution that puts your spare asset to work and eliminates any intervention required to get it running on the line.”

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