BestCode: Continuous ink-jet printing systems

BestCode launches the Next Series 8 Range of continuous ink-jet printing systems for printing small and large character marks and codes; users can print real-time best by, lot code, sell by, expiration codes, and other identifying marks and codes to industrial and consumer goods to ensure product traceability.

Continuous ink-jet printing systems
Continuous ink-jet printing systems

The Next Series 8 series brings many new features and capabilities to the coding and marking industry – offering extended operation times, automated end-of-day routine eliminating typical manual routines, new level of user simplicity, ability to print both small and large character information, capability for true non-contact printing extending the ink throw distance, and ultra-high speed specifications.

Advanced CleanStart technology extends operation times by automatically cleaning the printhead, eliminating daily and weekly cleanings typical in coding machinery.

Next Series 8 Systems are simplified, allowing anyone to operate, minimizing operator touches and extending time between human interaction. A large, 10.4 in. color touch display is always on, offering a vivid display with large intuitive buttons and status indicators. OneTouch single step operator functions are in use throughout the interface to reduce operator steps. A true WYSIWYG environment provides the most realistic view of creating the print message.

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