EPI Labelers: Combo print-and-apply labeler

EPI Labelers has introduced the Loose Loop print-and-apply labeler, which can be utilized to print production and lot numbers, bar codes, product information, and more.

Print and apply labeler
Print and apply labeler

The labeler expands on EPI’s industry leading durability and allows users to bypass the printer entirely and run pre-printed labels. Company has combined the simplicity and flexibility of the EPI M-Series labeler with the operator-Friendly H-Series print-and-apply labeler. The design and high speed of the new labeler allows it to accommodate print and apply challenges by using a high torque, five-phase stepper motor to positively drive labels at the highest speeds. The powerful drive preserves the printer components, while allowing this labeler to reach into tight spaces.

The labeling system is easy to set up and operate, and will integrate to specific packaging systems. It is also made with corrosion resistant materials, and is durable enough to withstand harsh conditions.

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