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Videojet: Ultra high speed continuous ink jet printers

Up to 40% faster than the Videojet Excel UHS, Videojet’s 1620 Ultra High Speed and 1650 Ultra High Speed continuous ink jet printers incorporate the Videojet Precision Ink Drop system and patented CleanFlo technology to deliver more code content for high speed packaging operations.

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Available on the 1650 UHS, Videojet’s Code Assurance and on-board Productivity Tools help reduce costly coding errors and help eliminate unplanned downtime.

The 1620 UHS and the 1650 UHS use the company’s Precision Ink Drop system which combines printhead technology, powerful software capability, and specially formulated inks to print existing codes faster or print more lines of code at current speeds without sacrificing code legibility. Suitable for demanding requirements in high speed applications like beverage and canning and high code content environments like dairy.
To maximize the limited and very valuable space on packaging, Videojet’s DYNAMIC CALIBRATION legibly produces required codes in the smallest possible space.  DYNAMIC CALIBRATION applies sophisticated measurements and controls to adjust jetting parameters automatically, ensuring high quality print. As ambient conditions change, the 1620 UHS and 1650 UHS optimize the print delivery to ensure superior print quality.  In combination with the innovative Precision Ink Drop system, this higher quality coding provides greater print density – ensuring that print windows can remain small and unobtrusive to the package design, yet clear and readable to consumers.

The Videojet 1620 UHS and 1650 UHS reduce unplanned downtime with advanced features like the patented CleanFlow printhead. Designed to resist ink build-up that can lead to a shutdown, the CleanFlow technology provides a positive flow of filtered air for more reliable, clear, and consistent codes, even at the end of long production runs. The unique printhead design and long-lasting core minimizes planned downtime due to long intervals – up to 14,000 hours – between planned routine maintenance cycles.

The Videojet 1650 UHS presents downtime information in a logical way to support efficient and effective problem solving. This printer enables drilling into Availability data to help discover technical and operator causes of downtime.

The Videojet 1650 UHS possesses on-board Code Assurance features to foolproof and help prevent mistakes, keeping production lines productive and helping ensure brand integrity.

Both the Videojet 1620 UHS and Videojet 1650 UHS printers are designed for limited and simple interaction so users can focus on production. The standard Smart Cartridge fluid delivery system eliminates spills and confirms that the right fluid is being used. Available on the 1650 UHS, a large, bright touchscreen interface enables operators to access all common operations in five touches or less. The UHS printers help provide improved control of job parameters and efficient, productive line management.


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