ID Technology: Economical blow-on label applicator

Designed for non-contact label application, ID Technology’s Model ST1000 Label Applicator is available with a standard blow-on label applicator module.

Pw 37922 St1000 Blow Box

A fan is used to create a low-pressure, high-volume vacuum to hold the label in place, on a grid, until label application. A high-pressure jet of air, through a controlled pattern of tubes blows the label onto the product.  The air tubes can be arranged in a variety of patterns to accommodate most label shapes from .5-in. x .5-in. up to 4.5-in. x 4.5-in., without the need for change parts. Because the label is pre-dispensed it is not necessary to match speed with the conveyor or product.  The applicator can be positioned either from top or side, placed in the direction of product travel (in-line), reversed to product travel, or 90 degrees to product travel.


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