Rollprint Packaging Products, Inc: Transparent barrier film

With Rollprint’s ClearFoil® X and ClearFoil® Z, clear ultra-high barrier packaging options can replace aluminum foil structures.


ClearFoil® Z is a transparent, non-aluminum foil, flexible structure that reaches oxygen (O2) barrier properties of 0.0008 cc/100 in. 2/24 hrs. and moisture barrier properties of 0.0008 g/100in. 2/24 hrs. ClearFoil® X performs at 0.004 cc/100 in. 2/24 hrs. and 0.004 g/100 in. 2/24 hrs., respectively.  The films use aluminum oxide-coated polyester, which can be laminated or extrusion-coated with any of Rollprint’s proprietary sealant technologies for added functionality. Films do not interfere with metal detectors and do not compromise RFID devices.

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