G2: G2: Antenna designs

RSI ID Technologies (RSI), has developed four new antenna designs featuring NXP’s next-generation UCODE G2X IC.

The RSI designs, Corkscrew, Interval, KAT2, and Cube2, have been developed to work interchangeably with both the standard and expanded memory chips from NXP. The new antenna designs offer flexibility in the selection of the IC memory based on the application requirements. RSI ID Technologies selected NXP UCODE G2X silicon for passive smart tags and labels based on its reliable operation on different materials, across very long read ranges and in dense reader environments. The G2 XM and XL ICs from NXP offer scalable EPC numbers up to 240 bits and an expanded memory chip that offers an additional 512 bits of user defined memory, which is a benefit for both standard applications and those that require additional memory capacity.

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