SATO America, Inc: SATO America, Inc: SATO America, Inc: Anti-static print ribbons for RFID

In an effort to minimize damaging static electricity and lower the risk of transponder failure from static discharges, which can zap an RFID chip as the label is being printed, IIMAK has developed the anti-static GP725 resin-enhanced wax ribbon.

Pw 11796 Ribbon

Its low level of surface resistivity and highly conductive properties allow GP725 to effectively dissipate static, resulting in negligible discharges in the printing process. Compatible with Zebra, Datamax, Sato, and other smart label thermal-transfer printers, the ribbon is said to deliver exceptional print quality on paper-based RFID ribbons. Features the co.’s Clean Start™ printhead cleaner built into the ribbon for debris removal.

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