: WS Packaging introduces dual-function label applicator for round containers and cases

Portable labeler easily transitions between bottle and case applications.


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WS Packaging Group–Automated Systems has developed the ASD-100-Spin-Case dual-function label applicator, a combination bottle and case labeling system designed to do the work of two label machines, eliminating the need and extra-cost of an additional machine entirely.

The Combination Bottle/Case Labeler offers the specialty food, beverage, chemical, and health and beauty markets versatility in label applications. It applies labels to previously labeled or unlabeled round containers, and cases. The unit is compact and portable to allow for quick relocation and changeovers. It features two modes of operation—semi-automatic for labeling round containers and automatic for case labeling.

“Many wineries and other specialty food and beverage operations run small batches of multiple products, requiring frequent label changeovers,” said Wayne Piper, sales manager for WS Packaging Group–Automated Systems. “This dual-purpose labeler reduces equipment costs with a streamlined design that minimizes downtime between product changeovers and transitions between bottle and case labeling applications.”

For bottle applications, the machine provides low- to mid-range throughput, labeling 10 to 20 containers per minute. The applicator is compatible with both regular and reverse-tapered bottles. It has the capacity to run single labels or front and back labels on a single web.

The machine easily registers back labels to an existing front label. The precise registration of the applicator improves accolade labeling, as well as full or partial over-labeling, which ensures under labels are virtually unnoticeable.

For case label applications, the unit easily integrates with powered conveyor case lines for automatic case labeling. The applicator has the ability to run print-and-apply labels up to 45 per minute or apply pre-printed labels up to 75 per minute.