Cleaner-product packaging spruces up

Leather CPR, Los Angeles, maker of premium leather cleaners and conditioners, granite cleaners and polishes, and carpet spot and stain removers, adopted new labeling for its products in early 2008.

Pw 5219 Leather Cpr

 The PETG heat-shrinkable film-sleeve labels, printed in eight-color gravure, are supplied by Ameri-Seal Inc. (

The 360-degree sleeve labels allow ample space for product usage information and graphics. Ameri-Seal prints and applies the sleeve labels to the empty Leather CPR bottles at its contract sleeving division in Chatsworth, CA.

The PET bottles, filled and capped in-house by Leather CPR, are supplied by Captive Plastics (, a subsidiary of Berry Plastics Corp. The “Simply Squeeze” polypropylene caps are supplied by Seaquist (

Leather CPR CEO D. Darren Zuzow notes, “We like these full-body sleeve labels because they deliver high shelf impact and allow us to provide more extensive product information for our customers. We believe the 360-degree billboard approach was a good way to go. And we are pleased with Ameri-Seal as the label supplier. Their service has been impeccable. They did their due diligence and troubleshooting upfront, rather than after the fact.”

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