EPCglobal ratifies Generation 2 standard

Standards organization EPCglobal announced the ratification of the royalty-free EPCglobal UHF Generation 2 candidate specification in mid-December.

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This marks the long-anticipated completion of the air interface protocol as an EPCglobal standard. Commercially available products are expected during the first half of 2005.

“With the Generation 2 standard now in place, technology providers will create products that will meet the requirements of suppliers, manufacturers, and end users; and industries as a whole can drive EPC implementation with standards-based equipment,” said an EPCglobal press release issued December 16 from Brussels, Belgium.

More than 60 leading technology companies worldwide helped build the consensus standard, which describes the capabilities necessary to meet end-user performance needs. The UHF Generation 2 standard will serve as a base platform for standards-based products and future improvements. End-user firms and service providers were involved in building out the EPCglobal Network that combines radio-frequency identification technology, the Internet, and the EPC to provide accurate, cost-efficient visibility of information.

EPCglobal has set up a special committee, "to consider whether additional numbering features are necessary to the EPCglobal standard. Following the outcome of this work group, EPCglobal plans to submit the Generation 2 standard to the International Organization for Standardization."

For more information, call Jack Grasso, EPCglobal, at 609/620-4555, or visit www.epcglobalinc.org.

Arnie Orloski, Executive Editor

Note: For those interested in further information about Gen 2 standards, check out the article RFID Strategy-What Does The Gen2 RFID Standard Mean To You? published January 18 at IndustryWeek.com. Contributing editor Chris York provides a succinct overview and highlights ten benefits to Gen 2 including falling prices and more stable technology.

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