Single-serve labels

CSPI petitioned FDA to update its labeling rules so that labels of single-serve packages and bottles clearly state how many calories are in the container.

Packages of soft drinks, snacks, candy bars, and other foods have been steadily increasing in size. Although clearly designed to be a single-serving container, labels often indicate that they contain more than one serving, possibly misleading consumers about how many calories they are consuming.

Coca-Cola, Kraft, and Pepsi-Co have announced that they will voluntarily list total calories and other nutrients on their larger single-serving containers or provide information on a standard serving and the entire package. CSPI said there should be uniform, mandatory rules. In its petition, CSPI said beverages up to 24 oz and baked goods up to 6 oz should be labeled as single servings. Snack food packages up to 4 oz could bear a dual-column Nutrition Facts panel displaying numbers both for a standard serving and the entire package. Packages using a dual-column format should be required to list the number of servings on the front, said CSPI.

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