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Domino Amjet Introduces Updated Thermal Inkjet Printer for North America

The Gx-Series printers, with new ink and Industry 4.0 capabilities, is designed to be durable and adaptable to production changes.

The Domino Gx-Series with new ink, flexibility, and Internet 4.0 capabilities.
The Domino Gx-Series with new ink, flexibility, and Internet 4.0 capabilities.
photo credit: Domino Amjet

Domino Amjet Inc.’s Gx-Series thermal inkjet printer is making its North American debut at PACK EXPO Connects, rolling out two models that are built to be smaller, easier to use and integrate, as well as having the ability to be monitored for Industry 4.0 applications.

The Gx 150i with up to two print heads and the Gx 350i with up to four print heads, are designed for simple batch coding or complex coding, checkweighing, or track and trace applications across the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. The Gx Series comes with new ink that is darker, dries faster, and offers better decap time.

“What’s important to remember is that Domino still does and always has been the manufacturer of our own fluids,” said Paul Hammond, national account manager at Domino Amjet. “We don’t rely on someone else to make the inks for us. If we want to make a new ink, we’ll make it, we package it, and we’re ready to go. So if we discover the ability to make the ink darker, like we have, or make the ink dry faster, or make the decap time faster—which means we can leave it exposed to air longer, which we have, we don’t need someone else to do it. We can do it ourselves.”

In addition, the OEM board is about 80% smaller and lighter in order to save space in the electrical cabinet, and the electrical connections are easier to access and connect, Hammond said.

The new ink head has the flexibility to be configured in any way. The ink heads connect in the front and back (vs. the front or back) on the same printer, so it can be adjusted if production needs change. The print heads also have an LED light to see status of the print head when in use. And, a new user interface design—based off of iPhone technology—provides drag and drop of WYSIWYG elements.

Lastly, the Gx Series offers Industry 4.0 capabilities. It comes standard with Ethernet/IP communication protocols providing a number of different ways to monitor how the printer is working and providing different reports. 

Overall, the Gx Series offers efficient ink usage, has clean, durable coating and graphic coating for lasting high contrast and human readable codes, and it is adaptable to ensure production lines keep running, the company said.

To view the Domino Amjet demos (available through March 31, 2021), and to add Domino to your MyConnects Planner, click here.



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