Customized Option for Horizontal Automatic Bagger

PAC Machinery offers a customized air expeller option for its Magnum horizontal automatic bagger suitable for compressing, bagging, and sealing a variety of items.

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“The pneumatic air expeller is a great development for removing excess air in a package resulting in reduced package volume, lower shipping costs, and minimizes inventory space requirements,” said Greg Berguig, VP of Sales and Marketing.

The air expeller option was recently designed and engineered for the Magnum horizontal automatic bagger. It is a machine option also offered on other PAC machinery models.

PAC Machinery’s Magnum horizontal automatic bagger is ideal for long or bulky products or applications requiring special handling or orientation.

It reduces package size by compressing the air out of the bag with the top mounted foam air expeller. The machine is also capable of right-sizing the bag to the product length, reducing material costs and the amount of plastic into the environment.

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