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Beyond green--"positive consumption" is the latest trend

Global study of 30,000 consumers by global consumer behavior and trends consultancy, RISC International, defines the new consumer attitude.

In an interview on Smart, RISC International Managing Director Sharon Greene says marketers going after the “green” audience will miss the boat if they don’t expand their view to include some of these other consumer aspirations, collectively known as “positive consumption.”

Results from the survey come from 500 questions administered to more than 30,000 respondents in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, US, Brazil, Russia, India and China, represent 1/3 of consumers in the world, possessing 2/3 of the consumption power.

“1. Social Engagement - or consumer empowerment - is the main dimension driving Positive Consumption across the world, it reflects a growing desire to engage and give back to society but also to take back control over one’s life, it’s all about reciprocity.

2. Environment - characterized by an active concern for environmental issues and a desire to do what one can to protect the environment.

3. Health - reflecting concerns for the effects that products can have on one’s health and the health of one’s family. This dimension is increasingly linked to environment.

4. Feel Good - an aspiration towards enhancing personal and individual wellbeing a dimension which emphasizes the fact that the Positive Consumption trend is not about denying oneself pleasure.

5. Ethics and ethical behavior - a preference for ethical business and an increasing sensitivity to the collective responsibility we have to ensure that companies do business in an ethical way.”

According to Greene, the emphasis is not on consuming more, but consuming better.

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