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Mintel predicts 2010 consumer packaged goods trends

Website Packaging Europe looks at seven trends influencing consumer behavior and package design trends for upcoming year.

Post recovery CPGs to offer stability, with core value to consumer—“health and wellness, convenience, sustainability - to get a fresh, new makeover for 2010."

So no reinventing the wheel next year, but more of a fine tuning on some of the trends that have been gaining momentum over the past few years.

Good point! Why would a trend start or stop at the calendar New Year? But ‘tis the season for reporting such things.

1. Symbol overload—while nutrition facts, warnings, and instructions matter, a simplifying of message, hierarchy, etc.

2. Sodium reduction. Certainly has been here in the US for past several years. 35% of UK consumers checking salt content. But Mintel  feels the CPGs are pushing this harder then the actual consumer.

3. Buy local (which has many limitations) evolves into at least identify where and how product got to market.

4. Simple becomes special. Ordinary “boutique” products will aim at quality of life issues.

5. Color coding for convenience. More and more brands will go back to basic color identification across shelves and aisles. We already have store brands achieving this.

6. Private label gets more sophisticated. Old news here for major players. Has to trickle down to private label manufacturers association (PLMA) “I can make this for you for less” members.

7. Gen Y (born between 1977 and 1994) will move away from parent’s brands to find their own—particularly in cleaning products. Simple, quick and easy results will lure younger audience.

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