Empathy & Authenticity Steer Bumble Bee through CHAOS

New unPACKed with OEM podcast debuts with Jan Tharp, president and CEO of the 120-year old company.

In this inaugural episode of UnPACKed with OEM Magazine, OEM Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Neil adds a part two, audio only component to her compelling PACK EXPO Connects Jumpstart interview with Bumble Bee Seafood President and CEO, Jan Tharp. Sm Graphic TharpNeil dives deeper into Tharp’s role as a leader through chaos at Bumble Bee while also providing more general insight into the current state of the global food industry. The conversation goes beyond just packaging and processing as Neil addresses gender issues with the current co-chair of Packaging & Processing Women’s Leadership Network. Together, the pair tackle how women leaders differ from their male counterparts during troubling times, addressing a recent claim from the Harvard Business Review that women make better leaders in a crisis.