Innovative Design Concepts: Void-fill-free shipping cases

Innovative Design Concepts launches the Anchor Packaging System, which eliminates the need for void fill in shipping cases. A special glue is applied to the bottom of the case on the inside, and the shrink-wrapped or bagged product is placed into the box, The special adhesive never sets and ensures the product is secure and protected in transit.

Product that has been packaged using The Anchor Packaging System.
Product that has been packaged using The Anchor Packaging System.

This system uses the dead air space around the inside of the box to create a “buffer” zone. Because the product cannot move, this buffer zone absorbs the impact stresses the package will encounter during shipping. This is a more secure method than making a box that is sized to fit the product. Made to fit boxes transfer shipping stress and shock to the product.

Also, The Anchor Packaging System will give the customer a pleasant experience when opening their package. When they do “the shake test” the customers will not hear the dreaded bouncing that occurs with standard void fill. When the customer opens the package, they will be able to see that the shipper cares for the environment because there is very little to throw away. What is left can be left in the box and recycled.

The Anchor Packaging System can be a manual set up or it can be fully automated. We estimate that e-commerce shippers may to able to save up to 75% of their void fill packaging cost. As you can see, The Anchor Packaging System is the answer to the problem of shipping e-commerce in the most cost effective and secure way possible.

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