Dordan: Thermoformed colored algae-plastic

See it at PACK EXPO Las Vegas Pack Expo Booth #6606! Dordan has been working with ALGIX, an aquatic biomass technology company in partnership with Kimberly-Clark, on thermoforming the latest generation of its algae plastic that utilizes algae waste from aquaculture.

The first-generation algae-plastic sample consisted of 20% algae, 80% PP, and was displayed for the first time at Pack Expo 2012.

ALGIX has been working to alleviate the barriers to algae cultivation, drying, grinding, and converting.  Recently, the firm has had success removing the odor from the material and is now experimenting with color to optimize shelf impact and therefore enhance the market penetration. Dordan will be exhibiting ALGIX’s second-generation colored algae plastic at Pack Expo in Las Vegas.

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