Korsnäs AB: Kraft paper for bags is stretchable

The environmentally-friendly Korsnäs Wave is a formable, stretchable, stiff, strong kraft paper with a very special feel that resists tearing and abrasion.

Pw 38936 M Korsnas

The paper is typically used for upscale shopping bags, although it is also suitable for other types of packaging. Made of 100% virgin cellulose fiber, the FSC and PEFC certified material can be recycled--fibers can be reused up to 6 times.

Despite its wavy surface texture, it is highly suitable for four-color printing and image prints in flexo and offset.   Korsnäs Wave is available in weights from 120 to 200 gsm. Common applications include shopping bags, gift packs, exclusive consumer packs and substitutions for plastic. 

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