Rohm and Haas Company: Water-based p-s adhesive

New from Rohm and Haas is the Robond™ Prohesion water-based acrylic adhesive, designed for p-s tapes and other demanding applications traditionally served by solvent-based adhesives.

Withstands hot shear tests at 150ºF for more than 50 hours, exceeding values of some solvent-based choices. The adhesive also exhibits good humidity resistance, retaining more than 80% of its peel adhesion after prolonged exposure to moisture under severe conditions of 90% humidity at 95ºF. Offer an environmentally advanced formulation that holds up to performance demands of the automotive, construction, and “general” markets. The adhesive adheres aggressively and exhibits good anchorage to substrates ranging from stainless-steel to high-density polyolefin foams.

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