Fas-Co Coders Inc: High-res multiline ink-jet printer

IV-128 “Ultra-mark” high-resolution ink-jet printer prints at any angle; prints up to four lines at 185 dots/inch, and characters can be .08’’ to .70’’ H at speeds to 185’/min.

Pw 15087 Fas Co

The printer uses a 300- to 500-mL disposable ink bag. A variety of environmentally friendly, premixed, prefiltered, keytone-free inks are available in a wide range of colors. System includes visual low-level indicator—there is no need to remove bag until it is completely empty. Programming is fast and easy using a 4 line by 40 character back-lit display with pop-up menus. Time, date, expiration date, and product count are standard; alphanumerics and logos are available. Easy CIP system includes pressurized solvent canister to provide “turn on a switch” internal cleanup that requires only seconds.

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