Mass. bill opposed

Industry is marshalling its forces to fight yet another tough environmental bill in the Massachusetts Senate. The Massachusetts Citizens Right-to-Know bill would require warning labels for consumer products whose contents or packaging contain carcinogens, mutagens, endocrine disrupters, neurotoxins and any chemicals causing serious or irreversible health effects in humans.

Considered even more onerous than California's Proposition 65, GMA and Associated Industries of Massachusetts are leading an industry coalition to defeat the measure. Opponents of the bill testified at a hearing of the Massachusetts Senate Natural Resources Committee earlier this year, and an additional hearing will be held to air more views. The bill may well be voted out of the committee, say political observers, since Committee Chairman Sen. Lois Pines sponsored the bill. Its chances beyond that are considered less rosy. If it fails, the Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group may try to make it a ballot initiative in 1998.

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