Compostable film for vegan chocolates

Sustainable vegan chocolate producer, the nu company, has chosen Futamura’s renewable and compostable NatureFlex™ packaging films for two of its latest vegan chocolate ranges of the brand “nucao."

Compostable wrapping for vegan chocolate product.
Compostable wrapping for vegan chocolate product.

German food startup the nu company, being eager to find a working alternative to conventional plastic packaging, opted for NatureFlex compostable cellulose films. These films are manufactured from responsibly sourced wood pulp and are certified acfcording to EN13432 for Industrial Composting and TUV Austria OK Compost Home for home composting. According to Futamura, NatureFlex offers outstanding technical performance including high barrier to gases, moisture, and oils, while offering renewability and an end-of-life option that diverts waste from landfill, since it can go straight into the garden compost bin.

Thanks to the outstanding optical clarity of the films, the product in the unprinted range is shown off to its full potential, while benefitting from excellent barrier. A second range uses a combination of printed paper, laminated to NatureFlex™, which offers the benefit of being heat-sealable and high barrier.

“Not so long ago sustainable packaging was seen as a utopian dream,” says Thomas Stoffels of the nu company. “Now it is a very real option for ethical producers. We chose NatureFlex because of its sustainable credentials, but also its technical performance. You don’t need to compromise product protection for sustainability.”


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