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Frito-Lay’s SunChips snack chips have been launched in a new bag with an outer layer made from PLA. It is the first step toward the PepsiCo division’s plans to roll out a 100%-PLA bag for the snack in 2010. Will this help drive biopolymer’s popularity? Share your opinion:

The 2009 Seven Sins of Greenwashing” have been revealed in a new report from TerraChoice Environmental Marketing. Are you or someone you know guilty of indulging? Post your remarks:

U.K. retailer Tesco has launched a pilot program that will allow customers to leave “unwanted and excessive” product packaging at the store. Who do you think will learn more about the benefits of packaging: Tesco or its customers? Tell us what you think:

Walmart’s fourth annual Sustainable Packaging Expo in April was bigger and busier than ever. How vital is Walmart’s continued commitment to driving the sustainable packaging movement? Share your opinion:

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