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Naturally Iowa is closing the loop when it comes to making sure its beverage bottles made of polylactic acid are composted after use by partnering with a company that offers compact, on-site composting machines. Is this a viable solution for foodservice and institutional operations? Share your opinion:

Has the economy dealt a deathblow to the nation’s already struggling recycling infrastructure? Read what others have said and post your remarks:

Legislation may not be far off in Canada that will require consumer packaged goods companies to pay the price for the disposal of their packaging. Do you agree with government-mandated extended producer responsibility? Do you think it makes sense for the U.S.? Share your opinion:

According to the Reusable Packaging Assoc., the economic recession of 2009 and packagers’ growing awareness of the importance of environmental issues will create “the perfect storm” that will result in a greater reuse of packaging materials. Do you agree? How do you view “re-use” in the “reduce, reuse, recycle” formula?

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