Solutions for sustainable co-packing

If your company is procuring contract-packaging services, take the same strategic approach as you would with procurement of high-value products and materials.

If you are a contract packager, prepare for change and growth. Make sure you can answer challenges related to supply chain, logistics, and sustainability.

A checklist for companies purchasing contract-packaging services:

• Identify what new products are in the pipeline.

• Determine where your existing products are in their life cycle.

• Support your procurement strategy with marketing and business strategies.

• Assess consumer, channel, technology, and marketplace trends to determine which packaging formats and capabilities may be needed.

• Conduct a strategic assessment of contract products and services you are buying to determine whether they are strategic or tactical—and treat them differently.

• Evaluate supply chain, logistics, and transportation impacts of your contract-packaging efforts. A hallmark of the industry is flexibility, and relocation should be an option.

• Consider outsourcing elements of contract packaging and manufacturing management that might relate to managing risk or that might not fit your company’s core competencies.

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