Considerations for contract packagers


Contract packaging can play a central role in package innovation. Following are nine areas co-packers should continually monitor and improve to bring innovation to their customers’ packaging.

1. Recognize that the consumer must come first in package design and merchandising, but winning at retail is critical.

2. Understand that consumers are buying tiers of products within categories, from basic to premium, and that you may participate across the range.

3. Provide new retail-ready packaging solutions.

4. Deliver channel-specific knowledge and position your company as an authority.

5. Develop innovative approaches and solutions for national brands and retailers.

6. Collaborate with designers, retailers, and merchandising experts.

7. Differentiate your services from competitors.

8. Help differentiate your customers’ products from their competitors.

9. Take advantage of opportunities in private label. It isn’t going away, and even national brands are seeing more opportunity than threat with own-brand products.

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