Beverage Roundtable: When (not) to use color

Some products look great with a 'circus of color.' Others, not so much. Learn the ins & outs from Guest Critics Marcus Hewitt, Rob Wallace and Vyto Bendoraitis...


Marcus Hewitt, Chief Creative Officer, Dragon Rouge, chose the mysterious Kraken Black Spiced Rum with its Jules Vernesque label. Rob Wallace, managing partner, Wallace Church, chose IBC Root Beer, with its classic brown, debossed primary botle. And Vyto Bendoraitis of Interact On Shelf surprised us with bottles of subtly-colored, cheery Joia Life - All Natural Sodas

Why the surprise? Watch and find out. This episode calls for a MUST-COMMENT ISSUE: Would you add color to Fresh ginger ginger ale by Bruce Cost? First, watch and find out why this is a must-comment. Then please do let us know your thoughts, in the comments below.



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