ELAU's interpack theme: 'experience innovation'

'Experience innovation' was written on the wall of ELAU's interpack booth. In fact, the innovation seemed to be wherever you turned. And with nearly 240 ELAU-enabled packaging machines on display, this was literally true around some corners.

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Machinery builders were employing ELAU's robotic systems and servo modules in force. This series of video newsletters, reporting on 32 applications, can only scratch the surface:

Interpack report #1

Interpack report #2

Interpack report #3

What is the significance of this trend? PMMI has published research stating that within five years, some 50% of packaging machines will employ robotics.

Judging by ELAU's approach -- which gives machine designers the ability to fully embed robotics into their packaging systems -- that is the way this will happen. It will be driven by machinery designers with packaging expertise rather than general purpose robot makers.

Instead of adding a third party robot and proprietary controller over the top of a machine, ELAU technology streamlines and tightly synchronizes the robotic function in the packaging process.

What are the latest trends in the underlying technology? Watch the video to learn more.


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