Skolnik: Seamless stainless steel process drums

See it at PACK EXPO International, Booth #E-7411! Skolnik straight-sided, seamless stainless steel drums are uniquely suited for the pharmaceutical, food processing and personal care industries, or any situation requiring the purity and integrity of a seamless, crevice-free, stainless steel container.

Seamless stainless steel process drums
Seamless stainless steel process drums

Skolnik products are thicker, heavier, and stronger than industry standards require, offer extreme durability, and comply with domestic and international regulations. The crevices and hoops of conventional drums can capture bacteria. These drums feature a smooth, continuous, crevice-free interior and straight sides with no hoops. Additionally, the white food-grade EPDM cover gasket, carbon steel nut and bolt ring closure ensure the product remains securely packaged and uncontaminated throughout storage or transport. Use them to contain personal care and pharmaceutical products or on your food processing line.

Crevice-free, seamless stainless steel drums outperform carbon steel drums in corrosion resistance, tensile strength and reusability. They are available in stainless type 304 and 316 and in a variety of sizes.

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