Draw consumers to the center aisle with Bemis® self-venting, bowl-style retort pouches for ready meals

As the number of shoppers favoring the perimeter of the store increases, it has become important to draw consumers back to the center aisles.

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Campbell’s Ready Meal pouch provides value added convenience in a new and unexpected packaging format.

The pouch is designed for functionality and convenience:

  • Microwavable package ensures food is evenly cooked through controlled venting
  • Consumers can enjoy a hot meal right out of the bowl shaped package that incorporates an easy open linear tear feature
  • Easily store this shelf stable package without the need for refrigeration
  • Prevent burns and facilitate use with cool zones
  • Clear bottom allows consumers to see the product

The conversion to a flexible pouch format creates visual disruption on store shelves and provides a larger canvas to communicate the product attributes and brand message. Shifting from a traditional package such as a can to a more unconventional package communicates innovation, freshness, and overall enhances the consumer experience.

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