Pregis Corporation: Protective packaging foam strips

Pregis’ Form-It customizable, self-adhesive polyethylene protective packaging foam strips cushion and protect a wide variety of products.

Pw 52401 Pregis Form It Protective Foam Strips

Packers can quickly cut Form-It to the desired length from the roll, peel off the release liner to expose the adhesive and affix into position—typically on the inside of a corrugated container or carton which is used to transport the product.  Form-It foam strips are suitable for blocking and bracing or to create custom dividers, U-channels, L-shapes, pockets, and more.

Form-It can be trimmed in any way to allow customized protection. The affordable, customization option helps decrease fabrication and design costs.

Form-It foam strips are available in three thicknesses (3/8-, 1/2-, and 3/4-in.) to meet light, medium and heavy-duty protective packaging requirements.  The 2.3-in. tall material is delivered on 40-, 50- and 55-ft. reels (depending on thickness) and offers excellent load bearing, insulation, and impact absorption.  Additionally, rolls take up less inventory space than custom fabrications.


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