Fogg Filler Co.: Enclosure wash-down systems

Fogg Filler’s Enclosure Wash-Down System and Capper and Change Parts Wash-Down System help improve sanitation in the filling environments, while saving production time.

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The Enclosure Wash-Down System is an internal system for non-product contact areas of the filler.  It quickly and effectively sanitizes everything inside the guarding including the inside of the guarding walls.  The only exceptions are the sensitive capper areas.  The sanitizer runs down the inside of the enclosure and flows down to the base of the filler to be captured and sent to the drain.  This feature makes it simple and reliable to effectively clean enclosures with the touch of a button.

The Capper and Change Parts Wash-Down System incorporates three separate spray nozzles that focus only on the change parts and capper area.  Operators can cycle both systems as needed to maintain a clean filling environment.

The Enclosure Wash-Down System and Capper Change Parts Wash-Down System can be integrated to almost any line, or it can be built directly into future lines.

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