Ranpak Corporation: Kraft paper packaging material is 100% renewable, reusable, recyclable

Designed for applications that require high-speed light cushioning, blocking and bracing, or heavy void fill, the PadPak LC System from Ranpak is useful for protecting the shipment of automotive components, housewares, electronics, medical and dental supplies, computers, peripherals, and more.

Pw 40737 Ranpak

PadPak’s fast feed rate of 45- or 55-lb. fanfold kraft paper is four ft./sec.  A converter forms the paper into a protective, shock absorbing paper pad through a patented folding and stitching process.  The unique converter design and its five different modes of operation allow the converter to be used in batch mode or for on demand pad production. 

PadPak stores in less space than traditional loose fill packaging and does not require an elaborate delivery system.  Additionally, PadPak does not create mess or excess waste. Can be used in either batch or in-line applications.


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