Wilmington Machinery, Inc: Rotary blow molder uses single-parison technology

Designed for use with light-weight HDPE bottles for milk and yogurt drink products, or multilayer containers for barrier, or hot fill applications, Wilmington’s Rotary Blow Molder is a new style of machine said to be simpler to use compared to shuttles or reciprocating screw machines.

Pw 38623 Image 5

The economical, energy-efficient rotary machines use a single-parison technology, and no complex expensive hydraulics. Single-parison rotary technology saves money by reducing material cost. The technology provides superior material distribution and weight variation—said to reduce the target weight by as much as 10-15%. A single rotary system can replace 3-4 older molders and requires less floor space.  The system requires a single operator often resulting in a labor saving of 60-70%.


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