Ossid Corporation: Automatic hf/f/s

Ossid offers the new automatic 8000S horizontal thermoform/fill/seal machine, said to deliver efficiency and package quality in an easy-to-maintain, modular design.

The servo-driven 8000S produces high-quality vacuum, MAP, reclosable, flexible, foil-foil, semi-rigid, and rigid packaging for a range of food, medical, and consumer goods products. Precise servos control the forming and sealing presses and the web feeding systems, reducing the use of compressed air and its related costs and reducing energy use even while running at speeds to 25 products/min. For ease of maintenance, the 8000S provides hinged access to sealing components, a flexible, spacious loading area, and easily serviced wear parts such as cross-cut knives.

Phone: 800/334-8369


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