Liquid Container L.P.: Hot-fill PET jars

The ThermaSet™ line of stock and custom jars from Liquid Container offers sustained hot-fill performance at 205 degrees Fahrenheit, and is suitable for viscous food items such as apple and pasta sauces.

Pw 4538 Liquid Thermaset
The ThermaSet line substantially increases PET’s glass transition point and provides less than 1% shrinkage, The line also yields an incremental improvement in barrier, and an additional barrier option to meet more challenging product performance objectives. It also offers good clarity, and a base which has been specially designed to absorb pressure and vacuum. This feature helps minimize distortion during cooling. Five stock designs are available—18-, 24-, 32-oz. round and 45- and 48-oz. "grip" jars. Custom jars are also available.
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