Videojet Technologies Inc: Thermal-transfer overprinter

The Videojet DataFlex® Plus thermal transfer overprinter (TTO) provides an IP65-rated printer unit and an IP55-rated graphical user interface (GUI) control unit that provides protection against dust and water ingress, making it suitable for hygienic packaging applications.

Pw 4876 Webvideojet
Prior to cleaning, a line operator simply replaces the standard ribbon cassette of the IP-rated DataFlex Plus printer unit with the IP-rated cassette. Then the printer does not have to be removed from the production line or protected with a sheet during cleaning and washdown routines. This saves time on pre-cleaning preparation and post-cleaning reinstallation and setup. The printer’s RS232, Ethernet, digital I/O and USB connections also are IP65-rated. The DataFlex Plus also has direct-drive ribbon technology with no wearable parts. And features 1,000-meter ribbon capacity.
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