Diagraph, An ITW Company: How to attain high-quality permanent, smudge-proof laser codes

Diagraph is adding the new LINX SL Series (Scribing Laser) range to the product family to provide high-quality permanent, smudge-proof codes with virtually no font or graphic restrictions.

Pw 7109 Webdiagraph

The LINX SL101 and SL301, manufactured by LINX Printing Technologies, is simple to install, use and operate. Models are built to fit the production line, and their range of lenses and beam delivery options mean they can be maneuvered into tight, hard-to-reach spaces. LINX’s simple plug-and-play philosophy makes installation into existing set-ups easy. A hand-held control unit with an intuitive interface makes operation simple, and allows users to create, change and set up codes at the touch of a button. Flexible standard components, side and end shooter options, and a small footprint ensures ease of integration into existing operations, even on production with standard IP54 rating, or an optional IP65 for wet environments, for maximum uptime. Multiple language options are available.

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