Igus Inc: Fiber rod assemblies

Igus Inc. offers improved integral fiber rod assemblies inside its multi-axis Triflex R robot cable carriers to increase torsional strength.

Pw 7544 Webtriflex
Modified iglide bearings on the moving tips of fiber rods can better cope with the extreme twisting movements often demanded in robotic applications. Interior support fiber rods are designed to mount a designated section of Triflex R Energy Chain in a fixed position, This reduces torsion and creates pre-tension through this part of the cable carrier, preventing it from interfering with certain work areas around a robot. Triflex R cable management system is able to move multi-dimensionally in all axes and can twist up to 380 degrees per yard, enabling easy movement through complex configurations. The smooth, tubular design also permits the cable carrier to glide around the exterior of the robot without catching.
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