Squid Ink: Small-character printer

Squid Ink offers the new Streamline 3 small-character ink-jet printing system, which prints as many as 3 lines of text and meets the harsh demands of most primary coding applications.

Pw 8723 E Squid Ink

Stainless-steel cabinetry, reliable gear and diaphragm pumps, a sealed keyboard, heavy-duty 10’ umbilical cord, and stainless-steel, self-cleaning printhead allows operation in the most extreme factory environments. Prints quality small characters on a variety of substrates including porous, nonporous, smooth, textured, curved, concaved and more. Start-up cycle or system flush is accomplished with the push of a button, and pump components may be swapped out in minutes when maintenance is required.

Phone: 800/877-5658


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