Ecolab Inc: Sterilant for aseptic packaging

Ecolab has developed and received EPA registration for its Enviro San® and ES-1000™, a new commercial liquid sterilant system for use in aseptic packaging for low-acid dairy beverages in PET bottling applications.

The 2-part system consists of Enviro San, a peracid-based solution, and ES-1000, an adjuvant that allows for effective antimicrobial sterilization with lower concentrations of peroxyacetic acid. System can be used at lower operating temperatures than hydrogen peroxide solutions, providing reduced energy costs associated with heating. Lower temperatures also allow for use of lighter-weight containers, helping bottlers reduce costs in materials and freight. Sealed containers of low-acid dairy beverages sterilized using the system may be transported at ambient temperatures and do not require refrigerated shipping.

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