AutomationDirect: Capacitive proximity sensors

AutomationDirect offers capacitive proximity sensors, available in 18mm and 30mm sizes, with potentiometer adjustment for sensitivity. Operating voltages are 10 to 30 VDC; shielded and unshielded versions, and NO or NC units are available.

Capacitive proximity sensors
Capacitive proximity sensors

Capacitive proximity sensors allow sensing of metal and non-metal objects through insulating materials such as wood or plastic and are often used to sense fill levels of liquids or powders.

Existing capacitive sensors have a pushbutton teach function.

The CK2 series 18mm capacitive sensors are priced at $57.00 with IP65/IP67/IP69K ratings and provide an unshielded sensing distance of up to 15mm.

The 30mm DC-powered CT2 series capacitive sensors, priced at $73.00, have metal (IP65 rated) or plastic (up to IP69K rated) housings with sensing distances up to 25mm.

The new sensors are cULus and CE approved and have a lifetime warranty. AutomationDirect offers a complete line of sensors and encoders for proximity, pressure, temperature, level, flow, current and voltage sensing applications.

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