Fogg Filler improves filling valve assembly

Fogg Filler recently designed and engineered an additional improvement to its Tri-Line® filling valves to assist in a seamless cleaning process.

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Fogg's patented Tri-line® valves have a special orientation that maximizes the cleaning. If installed improperly, the cleaning solution may not be as effective. To prevent this, Fogg has always machined a forward-facing dot on the tri-line® valves to signal to the operator that their valve has been installed properly.

As an additional measure to increase the ease of proper installation, Fogg has created a design that can only be assembled one way. You can see that there is a predominant gap in between the two which keeps the valve from being clamped on incorrectly. The tri-clamp cannot close if the two are not aligned. This feature allows you to clearly see how to install your valves, meaning that you cannot clamp your valve on to your bowl incorrectly, ensuring that the valves will be perfectly aligned to maximize your cleaning process. This new feature is on the continuous improvement list for 2019 and will be implemented on all new machines.

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