Micvac and Mondini expand partnership

Sweden-based Micvac and Italy-based G. Mondini are expanding their collaboration to develop new ideas and products based on innovative technologies.

Michael Bogdanski, CEO Micvac, and Paolo Mondini, G. Mondini
Michael Bogdanski, CEO Micvac, and Paolo Mondini, G. Mondini

Micvac’s system utilizes in-pack cooking and pasteurization in one continuous process housed in a microwave production tunnel. G. Mondini develops tray-sealing solutions that deliver fresh and healthy products to consumers.

Michael Bogdanski, CEO at Micvac, says “We are always looking for new ways of creating benefits for our customers. Our collaboration with Mondini not only ensures smooth integration of all current Micvac and Mondini systems, but also means that together we can develop ideas that don’t exist today.” The two companies will work in close partnership to focus on unique design, high-performing systems and future-oriented levels of sustainability.

Paolo Mondini of G. Mondini adds “We are passionate about providing consumers with meals that are healthier, tastier and fresher. In this process, our customers can rely on our dedication to solve any problem that arises now or in the future.”

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