Berry Global announces sustainability strategy

Berry Global Group announces its sustainability strategy through a company initiative named Impact 2025. As part of the initiative, Berry will focus on further increasing the positive impact it has through its products, performance, and partners with a long-term plan for the year of 2025.

Berry Global aims to support its broader sustainability efforts by highlighting the following areas:

Products: minimize product impacts

Optimize Design

• Lightweight products

• Design 100% of packaging to be reusable, recyclable, or compostable

Sustainable Sourcing

• Increase recycled content

• Encourage the development of renewable materials

Performance: minimize operational impacts (normalized for production)

Climate Change

• Reduce greenhouse gas emissions 25% by 2025 versus the Company’s 2016 baseline

Continuous Improvement

• Reduce landfill waste 5% per year

• Reduce energy and water consumption 1% per year

Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS)

• Prevent resin loss through OCS

• Implement OCS at acquisition sites within the first year

Partners: maximize positive impacts by engaging partners on key issues

End Plastic Waste

• Expand and modernize waste infrastructure to increase recovery and prevent loss of plastic into the environment

• Engage the plastics industry on OCS

Limit Global Warming

• Increase renewable energy

• Expand the use of plastic in place of alternative materials

• Promote science-based targets

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