Matthews Marking Systems presented marking and coding solutions for packaging to Clemson University

On March 25, 2019, Matthews Marking Systems, a Matthews International company presented industry solutions for marking and coding onto packaged goods to Clemson University’s Sonoco Institute.

Matthews’ initiative in the academia field comes from its mission to support the community in providing the next generation of printing and packaging professionals with the know-how and importance of coding and traceability on consumer products. Previously, Matthews donated a thermal inkjet (TIJ) printing system to the University of Holy Cross’ Food Sciences program to support the students with a hands-on experience with real applications.

The Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design and Graphics is a unique education, research, and industry collaboration to discover, develop and deliver advanced solutions and resources for tomorrow’s printing and packaging value chain.

Scott Duddy, Managing Director at Matthews, kicked off the session by introducing the company to the students, including the long history and unique, diverse business profile of the corporation. David Klodowski, Director of Engineered Solutions at Matthews, then guided the class through the different profiles of marking and coding systems, including thermal inkjet and laser.

“The students in the program are in their Junior and Senior years and have had lots of learning experience in the branding part of packaging and the buyers’ (or consumers) journey, but this was a good opportunity to touch on the other part of packaging that gets overlooked: marking and coding, “ says Andrew Hurley, PhD, Associate Professor at Sonoco Institute.

Duddy commented, “We have enjoyed the opportunity to present the different marking and coding technologies available for packaging; these students were very engaged and asked great questions. We look forward to future presentations with Professor Hurley’s program.”

The event was live streamed on the Matthews Marking Systems YouTube channel and can be found here.

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