Plastic Packaging Technologies announces a new line of sustainable flexible packaging

Plastic Packaging Technologies, LLC launched its sustainable packaging line—Thrive.

Thrive logo
Thrive logo

Thrive™ consists of a variety of solutions dedicated to providing CPGs with the opportunity of fulfilling their sustainability mission. With the industry moving toward a stronger circular economy, PPT is committed to staying true to its mission of providing customers with purposeful, powerful, packaging, while also presenting the added benefit of incorporating a sustainable package solution for participating brands. Readily available solutions consist of: Thrive™-Recyclable and Thrive™-Post Consumer Recycled Content (PCR). PPT plans to expand this line with multiple solutions including: Thrive™- Renewable and Thrive™-Compostable.

According to Dave Potter, Vice President of Strategic Sales, “As corporate sustainability objectives continue to turn into solid mandates, the timing appears perfect for serious sustainable packaging solutions. Growing environmental awareness by the consumer provides brand owners a tremendous opportunity to address their packaging options, and the benefits that come with turning to sustainable packaging.”

Plastic Packaging Technologies, LLC has focused on developing commercially available “Recyclable” packages (All-PE) suitable for the How2Recycle’s “Store Drop-Off” Program; as well as packages that incorporate Post-Consumer Recycled content (PCR).

Readily available solutions for Thrive™-Recyclable and Thrive™-PCR consist of: laminated rollstock, stand-up pouches, pinch-bottom, box pouch, and large lay-down; all with and without barrier qualities. In addition to those solutions, PPT’s development team is commercializing formats consisting of compostable and renewable substrates.

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