Fogg Filler upgrades cap sorter line

Fogg Filler made several improvements to its VSE line of cap sorters.

Fogg's new VSE automated cap exit is a tool-less, hands free solution for changing cap guides between different caps. This is done automatically when the customer selects from the HMI which bottle/cap they need to run. Operators no longer need to climb up ladders and manually change cap guides between caps.

In the off chance that a backward cap makes it past the sorter and enters the chute system, Fogg's new automatic backward cap ejector will remove the cap. The backward cap will be ejected so quickly that the machine never stops production.

Fogg VSEs now include a sloped-top electrical enclosure. This helps to keep the machine cleaner by eliminating the buildup of dust and debris.

Fogg has engineered an easier and quicker way of replacing the drive train motor on the VSE. Although this is an occurrence that rarely needs to be addressed, now it is much more convenient to do so. In the past, a technician had to separate the main conveyor chain in order to replace the motor. Now, the technician simply has to disconnect power, unbolt, replace the motor, and reconnect the power. This change will save a significant amount of time!

Fogg has created new stainless-steel covers for a cap chute. This is an optional feature for those that need to meet advanced sanitary standards.

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